A Tale of Two Weddings

I'm the worst at blogging.  I either have nothing to blog about or too busy with life.  
Anyhoo, so RyC and I have been engaged for about seven months now and in less than a month we'll be having our first wedding ceremony. Yes, we will have TWO weddings.  The reason being that I'm Ghanaian (Ashanti).  We will have a traditional Ghanaian marriage ceremony in April (as in next month!) and the "Western" wedding next year.   RyC and I are very excited to take part in this ceremony.  He gets to wear a snazzy Ghanaian outfits (well, so do I).

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I found the best explanation for the Ghanaian marriage ceremony from a user via Project Wedding.  

The Ghanaian marriage ceremony is a traditional ceremony where the groom accompanied by his family formally asks for the bride's hand in marriage in the presence of family, friends and well wishers. The traditional ceremony is a necessary common rite of marriage for all Ghanaian couples. In Ghana today, some couples perform this alone as a marriage ceremony, however, most couples also go on to perform the western wedding in a church in addition to the traditional marriage ceremony.

 The marriage ceremony starts with the "knocking" (kokooko) on the door ceremony. In the knocking ceremony the groom, along with his father and some elder members of the family visits the brides house to announce their marriage intentions. Often times this ceremony is performed a week or two before the actual marriage ceremony. The knocking ("kookoo ko") is derived from the Ghanaian tradition of knocking on at the entrance of a house before entering as a visitor. For the knocking ceremony the groom's family brings along two bottles on Schnapps (alcoholic drinks), some money and cola to the house to present to the brides family. In the past, and to date, the drinks are used to pour libation. (Libation is a traditional form of prayer to the ancestral spirits and God).  When the drinks are presented, a designated spokesman from the grooms delegation formally asks the brides family for permission to enter the house and announce their intentions. If the drinks are accepted then it means permission has been granted to the visitors to state their intentions. The spokes person will then explain in the most lyrical language, that the groom, has seen a "beautiful flower" in the house of the brides family that he desires and would like to "uproot" that flower, not steal, from its keeper, hence they are here to ask for the brides hand in marriage and inquire about what is required in order to make that flower his own. 
Once the intentions are announced, the brides family may ask the groom and his family to come back at a set later date during which the brides family will investigate the grooms family background further to see 
a) if the family has no chronic illness or genetic disabilities in the family
b) if family has a good reputation, that is no immediate family member such as a sibling, an aunt or uncle is known to be a thief, prostitute or murderer
c) if the groom has no illegitimate children or has another marriage elsewhere etc.
d) if the groom is of good character and well matched to the bride

Often times the background inquiry is made when the brides family knows nothing or knows little of the groom's family. If they are satisfied and pleased with what they find out, they will send a list of things to the groom and his family to provide before they can marry the bride. This list is commonly made up of, but not limited to,the following, :
a) dowry /or bride price- often an undisclosed sum of money, 2  bottled drink of whisky or Gin
b) Money for the brides father, 1 bottle of expensive whisky & a piece of cloth
c) A pair of sandals and money for the bride of the mother
d) Jewelry for the bride
e) At least 6 pieces of traditional wax print cloth for the bride
f) Engagement ring
g) Engagement bible
h) Shoes, headpieces, other gifts for the bride
j) Drinks, money and food for the guests that will be present to witness the ceremony
k) Money for the brothers or male cousins (if bride has no brothers)

On the set date the groom and his family, along with invited guests show up early at the brides house. The grooms family sits on one side, while the other brides family sits on the other side facing each other. Elders from both family begin the marriage ceremony with a prayer and introductions. The grooms family begins by presenting the dowry and all the other items on the list one, by one. At each stage, the items are checked to make sure everything asked on the list is being presented. Negotiation is possible if the grooms family feels too much is being asked of them. The bride is not present in all of these proceedings. The groom, although present, does speak in all of these proceedings as all the speaking and negotiation is done on his behalf by the designated spokes person from his family.
Once everything has presented to the brides family, the bride would then be brought into the gathering. Because a decoy can be used to "tease" the groom, the groom is asked to verify if this is indeed his bride. Once he confirms, she is asked three times by her father if she agrees to marrying the groom. She is asked if they should accept the dowry and accompanying gifts from the grooms family. When she agrees, then the groom will slide the ring onto her fingers and kiss and hug her. An elder presents a bible to both the groom and bride as a symbol of how important religion should be in their married life. Prayers are said and blessings are given. The married couple is now congratulated and each elder in the room offers marriage advice to the new couple. Once all of this is done there is a huge celebration/reception where food & drinks are served. There is lots of music and dancing till nightfall. 

  I'm also happy that my friends and RyC's family will be experiencing first hand, a special Ghanaian wedding tradition.


Weekend Recap

 My weekend was uneventful. 
I spent most of the weekend working.  As you can tell from the "self portrait", I was very happy to be in my office.  I did take a break to go to one of my favorite Thai restaurants (Pasara Thai) for some hot ginger tea.  It was the perfect perk I needed.

 The only highlight of the weekend was watching the E! Red Carpet Show for the Oscars.  
Some of my favorite looks on the carpet
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Today is my birthday!!!
Truth is, after turning twenty one, I'm usually not excited about getting old.  I dread the very thought of adding another number to my age.  However, I'm having a different attitude about my birthday this year.  I am very thankful to God for blessing my life with another year full of love, happiness, good health and wisdom.  Interestingly enough, last night, one of my BFF's sent me a picture of her fortune and it read...
"Remember the birthday but never the age." 
From now on, I'm going to stop obsessing about my age and focus more on the birthday blessing!



February is a special month for me because it is my birthday Month! I also enjoy seeing cute little pink and red hearts all over the place during this month.

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Get Me Bodied

This past weekend, I made my monthly trip to Target.  As I'm walking, I'm greeted by bikinis, short shorts, cute little tops and more bikinis! And I start to panic. Thoughts start running through my head...OMG summer is just around the corner and I'm totally not ready...I mean my body is not ready for summer at all!...And I have the holiday pounds still lingering...fml!  But then I look around and see people in their winter coats and remember that it's only January, Winter just started.  Whew! I still have time to prepare for the summer.  My panic attack turns into motivation so I make my way to the fitness I aisle, browse through the workout DVDs and pick up Jillian Michaels "Ripped in 30." If the people on Biggest Loser can survive Jillian's torture so can I! I'm so pumped that I even pick up a set of weights!
I've made it a goal to be in shape before summer gets here and hopefully Jillian can transform my body *crossing my fingers*.

A little motivation...

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